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        Washing and Sterilizing Machines

        Cozzoli offers a complete line of washing, cleaning and sterilizing equipment for bottles, vials, and ampules. Stringent industry regulations require strict compliance, and our machines offer ease of operation and simple changeover, making compliance both direct and cost-effective.

        AW – Automatic Vial Cleaning System

        The AW Series features air-vacuum pre-cleaning, full penetration of nozzles without vial interior contact, flexible wash sequence and low WFI consumption. Universal vial carriers dramatically reduce changeover time while segregated wash stations prevent cross-contamination. This series can handle vial sizes ranging from 1ml – 500ml with speeds up to 30,000 vials per hour.

        GW – Vial Washer

        This high production batch washer features user programmable wash cycles with coded access and direct loading from shrink-wrap packages. Handles various media including sterile air, water and steam. This washer can handle vial and ampule sizes from 1ml to 500ml with speeds up to 10,000 containers per hour. Changeover is quick and easy and the GW Series is exceptionally low maintenance.

        SW – Stopper Washer

        The stopper washing machine, Model SW, offers accurate repeatable washing cycles and innovative design features – like user-programmable wash cycles with coded access, sanitary supply plumbing, stainless steel exterior, and lots more! This washer can handle up to 23,000 13mm stoppers per hour or 6,200 20mm stoppers per hour.


        Other Products

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        RS Series – Stoppering machine


        Inspection Systems

        Daily Health Assessment

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        Daily Health Assessment Listing (For HR)
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