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        COVID-19: A Message to our Customers, Suppliers and Partners

        COVID-19: A Message to our Customers, Suppliers and Partners

        March 23, 2020
        Valued Customers, Suppliers and Partners, Throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic, Cozzoli Machine Company is continuously reevaluating its policies and procedures to address the evolving situation and take appropriate measures to conduct...
        Cozzoli at PackExpo 2019

        Cozzoli at PackExpo 2019

        October 2, 2019
        On September 23-25 Cozzoli Machine Company joined over 2000 fellow exhibitors and 30,000 attendees in Las Vegas for the 2019 Pack Expo show.We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth this year. It was great seeing some of our current...


        News & Events

        International PackExpo 2021

        September 27-29, 2021
        Las Vegas, NV
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