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Because of the product’s high alcohol content, the filling and capping processes needed to have a NEMA 7 explosion-proof rating. This meant that the electronics that are typically located inside of the machines, were moved to an external control panel, located in an area outside of the filling area. The labeling and case packing was also done in a location outside of the room where the filling took place.


For the labeling and case packing sections of this line, we reached out to our partners at ID Technology and Epson. The challenge for these areas was that the customer wanted the labels to be print-on-demand. Rather than having the labels feed off of a role, which is the typical application, they needed to be fed directly from the printer to the labeler.

The biggest challenge of integrating the printer with the labeler is that the printer backs up about 12” every time it begins to print. To combat this issue, we used a loose-loop system that uses sensors to monitor the status of the printer and labels.

3 sensors were added into the loose-loop system. The lowest sensor monitors the loose loop to stop the printer when enough labels have been printed.? The middle sensor tells the printer to produce more labels.? The top sensor signals out-of-labels and stops the applicator until more are available. By using this loose-loop system we successfully integrated the printer with the labeler.

Finally, after labeling, the containers are then moved to a table where they are manually packed into boxes and fed through a case packer, which automatically closes, tapes and applies a label to the box.


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